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Welcome to Rosenberg Accountancy LLC, an owner-led accounting firm providing a wide range of tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals. Please read on to discover what makes the Rosenberg Accountancy different and to read our promise to our clients.

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The new tax bill – what to do now

In my opinion, the new tax bill is, on balance, less than optimal. The bill is over 1,000 pages long and has been called “a simplification.” To be very general, here’s what an individual can do now (before December 31): Prepay your 2018 real estate taxes.  This is subject to many restrictions, so call your…
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Equifax hack and the IRS

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer of October 4, 2017 (page A-12) ” Equifax signed a $ 7.25 million contract last month (Sept) with the IRS to verify taxpayer identities. The no-bid contract is for Equifax to provided the IRS taxpayer and personal identity verification services. The contract stated that Equifax was the ONLY COMPANY CAPABLE…
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New Tax regulations

There are headlines pro and con about President Trump’s proposed new tax law. I don’t know the details and, even if I did, things will certainly change between the proposed legislation and whichever bill is eventually reconciled and passed. I remember the last big tax change in 1986 and, if this is as big a…
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Identity Hacked?

It’s happened to 3 of my clients this year, most of them physicians.  I go to efile their returns and get a message back that their return has already been submitted to the IRS (and someone else has already received that refund).  Tax fraud is the #1 form of identity theft in the US, or…
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Scam Alert!

I always tell my clients to not give any information to those who pose as IRS agents through a phone call or email.  The IRS will never reach out initially this way – the first contact is always via letter. The scammers are very accomplished in their manner, may entice you by showing you that…
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How this CPA prepares to do your tax returns

I’ve just finished with extended corporate and partnership tax returns. I’ll switch into really getting ready for tax season 2018 when I finish preparing extended individual tax returns by October 15. The first thing I’ll try to do is hire experienced office staff with good work ethic (the last one “went out to lunch” and…
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Your Taxes

Track your refund at the IRS.

Check federal tax due dates with the IRS Federal Tax Calendar.

Plan and Prepare

Important Forms

Verify employee's right to work with Form I9 (requires Adobe Reader or equivalent).

Determine an employee's federal income tax withholding with Form W4 (requires Adobe Reader or equivalent).

People are talking about Rosenberg Accountancy LLC...

Your help dealing with an outstanding tax dispute with the IRS has made an otherwise unbearable ordeal as easy as it could be.

E L from Pittsburgh

You are always available to assist or answer my questions whenever I call. You have always delivered on time results and do a very thorough job.

Martin Rosenthal

And about Jon Rosenberg, CPA...

Jonathan has been available to us for our tax questions for more than 15 years. He has gone out of his way to find answers to complicated situations, even those that could have been avoided had we asked him sooner.

Shimon & Chani Silver

Jon has done a great job for us. I am really happy how he is willing to meet me where I work to discuss our tax issues.

Dr Carlton and Erin Bates

Just the best accountant I ever met.

Paul Lifshits

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