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Scam Alert!

I always tell my clients to not give any information to those who pose as IRS agents through a phone call or email.  The IRS will never reach out initially this way – the first contact is always via letter. The scammers are very accomplished in their manner, may entice you by showing you that they know many of your personal details, and your caller ID may even list their call as “Internal Revenue Service.”  Don’t give any information to them via phone or email and don’t send them any money!

That said, the IRS may call you if you are already in communications with them about trust fund taxes or audit.  The IRS also has a new program through which they have assigned old debts to outside collection agencies. Since you have no way of knowing which call is legitimate and which isn’t, please tell them that your accountant will call them and then give me the contact information.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue does call taxpayers – as above, tell them that your accountant will call back to discuss this matter.

Above all, DON’T PANIC!

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