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How this CPA prepares to do your tax returns

I’ve just finished with extended corporate and partnership tax returns. I’ll switch into really getting ready for tax season 2018 when I finish preparing extended individual tax returns by October 15. The first thing I’ll try to do is hire experienced office staff with good work ethic (the last one “went out to lunch” and never came back). I’ll simultaneously go through the files of all my 2016 tax year clients to see if there are any planning opportunities. Next, I’ll try to give each of you a call or email to see if there have been any changes since I saw you last. I’ll try to review business client’s books and records through October/November to see if we can make any necessary beneficial changes before it’s too late. I’ll also try to get my software ship shape. In late December, I’ll mail “organizers” to help you accumulate the numbers that I’ll need to accurately prepare your returns. One thing that I’m thinking about is “pre-setting” your appointments with me so that you don’t all call me on April 12. Let me know what you think about that.

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Jon Rosenberg

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